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Jack Shingfield - Workers Union

Jack Shingfield
Workers Union - Eastern Counties

William John Shingfield (known as Jack) was the son of an agricultural labourer and member of Joseph Arch's Agricultural labourers union in Suffolk.

Shingfield became a footman, but his skills in organising nsured he became a key Workers Union organiser in Essex and Suffolk from around 1913.

Shingfield helped establish numerous Workers Union branches in villages and towns between 1913-1914 in Suffolk and Essex, becoming the Eastern Counties organiser of the Workers Union.

He lived at 127 Wellesley Road, Clacton on Sea and was the first elected Labour councillor on the Clacton Urban District Council and later its Chairman.

Involved in organising workers at textile factories at Haverhill in August 1914 and January 1915,

Organised a huge Workers union "Pageant of the Workers" at Bury St Edmunds on 15 June 1919

Member of Suffolk and Essex Agricultural Wages Board in the 1920's

Sudbury Labour Party formed Febuary 1923

He was Labour candidate for Sudbury in 1925-1933  and was responsible for organising many rural Labour Parties in Sudbury and Essex (notably Halstead Labour HQ in 1918)

Later he was appointed Divisional organiser of the Transport & General Workers Union based at 8 High street, then Military road, Colchester and was chair of the TGWU Agricultural sector. (now Unite)

Retired in 1950 and awarded an MBE in 1950

Other workers Union organiser

Florence Saward
Robert O Hornagold

Labour Candidate
Joseph Rouse Hicks Labour Party/Agriculrual workers candidate Sudbury 1918