Friday 11 February 2011

Forest Privatisation: Cameron a Stranger to the Truth

Here is a statement.

"The idea that all Forestry Commission forests are open to the public and do not charge is simply not true," said the prime minister. "

Many forests, such as the New Forest, are not owned by the Forestry Commission and have much better access, no parking charges and very good records on habitat. While we are having this consultation, we should bust some of the myths that have been put around about this idea."

And here, by way of contrast, is another statement. "In 1924 the management of the New Forest passed to the Forestry Commission under the Forestry (Transfer of Woods) Act, 1923 and became vested in the Minister of Agriculture rather than the Sovereign."

Someone made a fool of themselves in the Commons this week, we think.

We think it was Dave.