Thursday 22 February 2007

Les Shears -Dorset

Les Shears

Joan Jordan, ASTMS, writes of Les Shears.

I moved to Dorset in 1947 - on joining the NUAAW. I very soon came to know Les and was to become closely associated with him for the next 16 years.

I was immediately impressed with his drive and enthusiasm for the Union, his untiring efforts and time given to improve the lot of his fellow-workers in any way that he could.

Over these early years we were to see the Union membership in Dorset increase from some two thousand to 4,000. This was achieved through many campaigns and events in practically every village and town in the county which were organised for recruiting new members along with the organiser, Arthur Jordan, Les played no mean part in this big achievement.

Annual Union outings were arranged each year. What a fine sight it was to see anything from 25 to 30 coaches leaving from all parts of Dorset, whether to visit Cardiff, Isle of Wight or London.

I can well imagine the pride that Les must have felt at seeing so many hundreds of members and their families coming together on such occasions. This feeling can only come about if one is involved in Trade Union activity such as Les was.

Les had many commitments in the Union. Branch Secretary, District Committee, County Vice-Chairman and in the latter years County Chairman. He also played an active roll in his local village affairs, being a Parish Councillor and School Governor.

Les was highly respected by everyone that he came in contact with, even those that did not agree with his views always.

It was indeed a pleasure to have been one of his friends.



In 1956 Les Shears had already held office in the NAWU at Winterbourne Kingston 21 years Chairman, 6 years branch secretary and as Blandford District Committee Chairman 15 years and Dorset NAWU Committee for 13 years