Wednesday 21 February 2007

Jess Waterman - Dorset


29: Jess Waterman was Dorset militant branch secretary in 1949 who praised Arthur Jordan.

48: In 1955 he wrote (from Spettisbury) to Landworker opposing proposal to ban communists from holding office (which was never implemented). Said Arthur Jordan was a communist organiser who had strengthened the union in Dorset considerably.

61: In 1958 at biennial conference he condemned unemployment figures of 600,000 and opposed suggestion that politics should be kept out of Landworker.

67: At 1960 conference he stood for new position of vice-president but lost by 88 votes to 73.

68: He condemned the sacking of Arthur Jordan as there was no complaint against his work.

93: By 1971 he was on the executive committee and one of those to lead the Tolpuddle march.

104: In 1976 he was defeated in the executive elections, aged 68, and having been secretary of Spettisbury (Dorset) branch for 40 years.

222: At 1954 conference he moved motion for substantial pay increase, saying nothing less than £5 would be satisfactory.

264: At a special Labour conference in 1971 he supported NEC in favour of entry to the Common Market. But later in year mandated to vote against it.

300: At union’s 1950 conference he spoke in favour of getting British trade unions back into the World Federation of Trade Unions.

Note: believe also Communist Party member

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