Monday 25 October 2021

Clarion Van at Dronfield - Derbyshire 1898

The first know visit of the Clarion Van to Dronfield, Derbyshire

Thursday 16th June 1898

The Clarion van visited again in October 1909 and for four days in July 1910

Edward Carpenter lived close by at Totley  (also an early anarchist Colony at Norton Hall)

Arthur Ernest" Chandler (Unstone) (1875-1958), and his brothers very active in establishing socialism in Dronfield.

A.E Chandler active the Railway Clerks Association (now TSSA) and in establishing Sheffield British Socialist Party along with Alfred Barton and George Fletcher in August 1911

He was President of Sheffield Trades Council 1917-18

Also active in Social Democratic Federation

Sheffield LRC 1903

Spoke at  Dronfield on taking back the Duke of Rutland's land in July 1909

Delegate to Yorkshire Workers & Soldiers Council July 1917

A. E Chandler (Sheffield Railway Clerks Assoc at the RCA Conference in Hull 1910, stated "The time has arrived when the means of production and distribution of wealth should be owned and controlled by the people and worked in the common interest of all the Workers."

The state violence used against the railway strikers of 1911 also left an impression. he argued for trade unionists to arm and drill themselves in order to prevent a repeat next time. 

Chandler lived at Unstone - his brother Leon Gambetta Chandler stood as as socialist in March 1910 election Urban Council for Dronfield for the Socialist Party

March 1919 -  "the most dangerous man in Britain" Scottish Socialist Leader John Maclean speaking in Dronfield 

Clarion Report 1898

July 24th 1909

Edward Carpenter speaks 20th November 1911
Clarion report October 1909

Ernest brother, Leon Gambetta Chandler stood as socialist candidate for Dronfield - Leon born Derby December 1877 married Gertrude Elvidge September 1903 died 1959 Sheffield

Clarion Newspaper 72 Fleet Street London

May 1919 - Sheffield Branch of the British Socialist Party (BSP) banner inscribed ‘Down with Capitalism,”