Sunday 7 February 2021

Clarion Field Clubs & Harry Lowerison

Clarion Field Clubs
Established in 1895

Harry Lowerison 1863-1935
founder and organiser. 

The Clarion Field Clubs were part of the wider Clarion Movements attempt to encourage a knowledge of nature and wildlife

Lowerison ran the progressive Ruskin School at Heacham, King's Lynn, Norfolk

In 1898, Lowerison published In England Now which Robert Blatchford (writing in The Clarion in 1907) described as being 'as like him [Lowerison] as a book can be like its author'.

In 1899, he published Field and Folklore, 'a naturalist's handbook for children'. The book contained a chapter by publisher and folklorist  Alfred Nutt, who 'conceived the idea of inserting a chapter on folklore, and so introducing the young wildlife observer to the pleasures of detecting and recording traditions.'

Harry Bellerby Lowerison was born in Great LumleyCounty Durham on 13 July 1863, the son of a coalminer.

Lowerison's letters to The Clarion in 1899 stated his vision for an ideal school, donations for the establishment of which came from its readers.[2] Lowerison wrote:

We will pitch our house in the country, where skies are blue and grass is green, and the young minds and lives entrusted to us shall bud and develop amongst the sweetest and most gracious surroundings and we will take for our basis John Ruskin's educational ideal.[9]

Lowerison opened his Ruskin School Home in Hunstanton, Norfolk. In 1902, it moved to nearby Heacham
Lowerison retired with the closure of Ruskin School Home, moving to Houghton, near Huntingdon. He died there on 6 June 1935