Tuesday 19 January 2021

Herbert Allen Day 1860 - 1940 (National Agricultural Workers Union)


Herbert Allen Day

1860 - 1940

Herbert Allen Day better known as simply H.A. Day was a Norwich manufacturer and benefactor, living at "Woodhurst" Newmarket Road.

Despite his relative privilege, he gave his time and money to support the Agricultural workers of Norfolk. For example paying for the hall hire of the first meeting of George Edwards Agricultural Workers Union in North Walsham 20th July 1906 at the Angel Hotel and agreed to pay 13 shillings a week for Edwards to carry out his union organising full time. Day was the Agricultural workers union national Vice President and later the Union's Treasurer for many years.

He was elected first as a Liberal Norwich councillor at the turn of the 20th century (1900 in Ber Street ward) but importantly he was also a Fabian and supporter of the Labour Representation Committee (LRC). He delivered a paper to the national LRC committee meeting in Liverpool in 1902

In November 1909 he wrote to the eastern Daily News (18/11/09)

"For socialism, fellowship the law that unionism is stronger than individualism, is the great law that binds our world together.

"All ye are brethren, all ye are brethren" and this is the message of socialism and what the socialists mean when they say "Socialism is the hope of the World"


Herbert Aleen Day born possibly at Southsea, Hampshire in 1860, Married Isabella Maud Black at Dundee in December 1899. Died 24th March 1940
His eldest son John Adam Day (1901-1906) was Liberal candidate at Burys St Edmunds and later Tavistock, (failed to be elected by 300 votes) later Tory County Councillor Devon