Tuesday 22 December 2020

Robert Barrie Walker - General Secretary - National Union of Agricultural Workers

Robert Barrie Walker
(13 October 1878 – 25 August 1961)
Born Carstairs, Lanarkshire
Son of Scottish Ploughman
joined the army and served in the Boer War
Became General Secretary in 1912 until 1928

It was Walker who in 1914 secured a famous victory when he persuaded the King's agent on the Royal Sandringham estate , Captain Beck, to pay and recommend to the estates tenant farmers that agricultural labourers 16 shillings a week and half day on Saturday

"The King's Pay and the Kings Conditions"
became the rallying call across the East of England

He was a parliamentary candidate at the General Election for the constituency of Kings Lynn in 1918 (which he lost my the narrowest of margins 366 votes) and again in 1922 and then at Ormskirk in 1923 and 1924

After he retired he moved to Australia and died in Perth in 1961.