Sunday 22 November 2020

Chicago Martyrs - Norwich 1887

On 11th November 1887, four of the Haymarket martyrs were executed in Chicago. They were anarchist labour organisers framed for a bombing by authorities because of their role in the fight for the 8-hour day. The holiday, International Workers Day on May 1 each year, commemorates the martyrs.

The return of the Socialist, Charles Mowbray, from Ipswich, in Her Majesty's Prison at which place he had just completed a term of nine months' imprisonment for inciting to riot, was regarded as an opportunity for making a demonstration and in welcoming one whom the members of his party are willing to regard as a martyr.
Fred Henderson was prominent amongst the crowd, and bore a red flag, attached to which was the "cap of liberty." Another comrade carried a similar flag.
A resolution of sympathy with the Chicago Socialists having been passed,

Lowestoft Journal - Saturday 22 October 1887
Kier Hardie
Freedom - Tuesday 1 December 1896
"When in Chicago last year, I met two of the men who had been tried and imprisoned in connection with the "bomb outrage," as it was termed, and finer specimens of humanity it was never my lot to meet. The universal impression there now is that the whole affair was a police plot."


Chicago Union Graveyard 1915