Sunday 3 March 2013

1892 General Election Map - Southern England

Map of Consistencies and Counties after the 1892 General Election in Southern England

Held between 4th July to 26th July 1892.

Red represents Liberal
Blue represents Conservative

1892 General Election Result

Conservative & Liberal Unionist 606
Liberal 535
Irish Party 129
Labour 3
Ind Liberal 1


West Ham - Kier Hardie Ind Labour
Battersea John Burns Ind Labour
Middlesborough Joseph Havelock Wilson Ind Labour

Wansbeck Charles Fenwick Lib/Lab
Rhondda William Abraham Lib/Lab 
Durham Mid Joseph Wilson Lib/Lab
Bethnal Green NE George Howell Lib/Lab
Ince (Makerfield) - Sam Wood Lib/Lab