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Farm Labourers Notes 1872

A shepherd in June 1872 in one of the better paying areas of England was reported to be paid 19 shillings a week, £1 extra during the lambing season, 2 shillings a day shearing, £3 during harvest. hours 6am - 6pm half hour break and one hour for lunch.

On June 29th 1872 it was reported that about forty agricultural labourers with their wives and children who have been employed on several farms in South Wiltshire and had joined the West of England Labourers Union left their homes and had proceeded in body to the Great Western Railway and then via Reading to take employment in the North in order to secure higher wages.

Agricultural Labourers wages

England Wage: 1s 6d to 2s 9d Food: white bread, bacon, potatoes, vegetables, cheese, tea, coffee, beer, cider, milk, butter

Scotland   Food Oatmeal, porridge, bread, potatoes, milk, butter, tea, coffee, little bacon

Ireland 1s to 1s 8d Food bread, potatoes, oatmeal milk, whisky, bacon

1872 still labourers wearing "white smocks" in some areas, including Buckinghamshire but considered antiquated by new radical elements amongst Labourers.

May 1872 Agricultural Labourers at Milborne St Andrews, 8 miles from Blandford, Dorset on strike for 12 shillings presently on 9s

Medical Report 1872

The English agricultural labourers is extremely different man in habits and mode of life from the English town labourer, whether mechanical or manufacturing hand.

He is taller, bigger and stronger


Other Notes:

 The Amalgamated Society of Engineering (Later AEU Union) grant £300 to Joseph Arch's Warwick agricultural union

Great demo in Leeds in honour of Mrs Newsome imprisoned for 14 days her prominent role during Flax Workers strike (1,000 women on strike) May 1872