Tuesday 16 October 2012

Cornwall's Tory leader decapitated by bunker busters


Tory Leader Alec Robertosn - No More !

It's official, the people of Cornwall have spoken they have sacked Tory privatisation fundamentalist, Councillor Alec Robertson as leader of Cornwall Council.

Cornish councillors across the political spectrum - Independents, MK, LibDem, Labour and even some Tories have said enough is enough and put an end to mass privatisation, off shoring of Cornwall's services and put people first.

The vote of no confidence in the Tory leader was won by 63 to 49 and greeted with applause by councillors and the public alike.

Cllr Robertson had consistently refused to recognise an earlier council vote to halt the privatisation plan and attempted his own Cornish "Beer Hall Putsch", Planning to steam ahead with the privatisation plans from his bunker without a mandate.

The Cornish people responded with a huge cross party campaign to defend democracy on the council, led by two Independent councillors, securing wide spread support from political parties, town/parish councils, churches, unions and community groups.

Bob Egerton, Independent councillor for Probus in Cornwall who proposed the motion of no confidence in the Cornish leadership, said the county's outsourcing programme ceded too much control over key services to the private sector.

"It is handing over public services to a private company where decisions are not being made for the local council tax payer, but for the company," he said. "Look at the rail franchises. People are beginning to wake up to the fact that the private sector doesn't necessarily do things better than the public sector. It wasn't the councils that caused the financial problems, it was the bankers, and it is the councils that are having to bail them out."

Cornish campaigners are now demanding an urgent audit of the expenditure and exposure to risk contained in the Privatisation project. Councillors are also questioning the role of senior Cornwall Council officers, especially in the legal department who attempted to silence opposition to the privatisation plans.

What is clear is that Cornish people will stand up for Democracy and for quality public services.

The anti London Coalition forces are growing in Cornwall - Roll on May 2013 Local Elections.

Expect a huge surge in 2013 for Mebyon Kernow (Party of Cornwall), Labour, Green's and anti London, anti Coalition LibDem's.

Join The Resistance


- No To Coalition Cuts
- No To Privatisation
- Yes To A Cornish Assembly
- Yes To A National Stadium
- Yes To UK Fishing & Farming Policy
- Yes To High Speed Broadband
- Yes To A Reduction In Second Homes
- Yes To Affordable Housing