Thursday 20 September 2012

Tory Run Cornwall Council In Meltdown

Cornwall Council

The Minority Tory administration that controls Cornwall Council is now in meltdown, after the Tory Council leader Alec Robertson refused to respect the democratic views of his fellow councillors, who voted down his ill thought out privatisation agenda.

The embattled Tory leader has refused to accept the democratic vote and pressed ahead with the unpopular privatisation plans, he has also tried to unsuccessfully to use the Councils Legal Department to silence all opposition to his plans, which now have little credibility. 

So discredited has the Legal department become that the Law Society has been contacted to launch an investigation into their actions.

Councillor Dick Cole leader of Mebyon Kernow  and Labour leader, Jude Robinson in league with a large number of  determined Independents and LibDems have lead a fantastic and sustained battle to ensure that Democratic decisions of Cornish Councillors and the public are respected.

Independents are now desperately trying to distance themselves from the decision to press ahead with privatisation agenda, but only the removal of Cllr Alec Robertson will now succeed in stemming the growing anger in Cornwall ahead of next years Cornwall Council elections. Elections which are sure to punish the Conservative run council and those Independents that propped them up.

Significantly a number of LibDem and Independent councillors are now in open revolt and discussing how best a "progressive" Council can be secured by working with MK, Labour, Greens and anti London LibDems.

Cornwall is on the edge of a seismic shift you can make sure your play your part of in making history in 2013.

Sign the petition against privatisation and calling for democracy to be re established on Cornwall Council. Already over 40 Cornwall Councillor have signed it - Make sure your local Councillor has done likewise.

A full meeting of the Council has now been called for 16th October to discuss a "motion of no confidence" in the now disgraced Tory Council Leader

Turn the anger into votes at the ballot box .