Sunday 30 September 2012

Norfolk Tory Leader Follows Tory Boy Andrew Mitchell "Plebs" Example

When a Norfolk resident, Joy Franklin, e-mailed Councillor Cliff Jordan, Norfolk County Council’s Tory ”cabinet member  to clarify his views on a local plan to build an incinerator.

She got the follow response from the Conservative councillor

"I have no intention of answering any enquiry you ever make, rude and badly behaved people I have no time for and that includes you.
Have a happy life, which I doubt you will have."

Conservative Councillor Jordan

Cllr Jordan's comments are reminiscent of Tory MP Andrew Mitchell's comments to a woman police officer outside No10 Downing Street, she noted Mitchell stated  "

’Best you learn your f***ing place... you don’t run this f***ing government... You’re f***ing plebs.’

It's clear Norfolk Tories think anyone who question's their decisions is a Pleb.

Well the people of Clenchwarton and Lynn South showed  their Tory rulers they can revolt, when on Thursday 29th September 2012, Labour stormed from fourth to first in an area who's MP was fittingly Joseph Arch the Agricultural Labourers leader.

Roll on the County Council Elections May 2013.

"Red Star Rising In The East"