Friday 8 June 2012

Mrs Massingham - Petersfield Progressive Hope - 1929

Mrs H.J Massingham was one of the earliest women Labour Party candidates, on this occasion for the rural consistency of Petersfield, Hampshire 30 May 1929.

Election Slogan:   Peace & Prosperity

Labour did not manage to secure Petersfield,  but nationally secured 287 seats and Ramsay MacDonald became Prime Minister.

Hon Secretary of Petersfield Labour Party was A. Dane "Mayhill" Denmead, Casham, Hampshire

Mrs Massingham may be related by marriage to Henry Massingham (1860-1924) of Norwich, Editor of  Eastern Daily Press, The Star Daily Chronicle, Labour World, and later worked for the Guardian and Daily News

Labour Manifesto 1929 (section)

Labour and agriculture

Labour is deeply concerned about Agriculture which, having been a plaything of both the older Parties, is now facing very critical times both for farmers and workers.

An Agricultural Policy must be co-ordinated with a Town Policy. Farming must be made to pay

Landlordism has ceased to be able to perform its function and it cannot be allowed to go on starving the Land of capital and the countryside of cultivation and people, and generally obstructing national need and development. The Land must therefore pass under Public Control. Meanwhile, Farmers should have Security of Tenure; Fair Rents; Capital and Credit Assistance;

A system of Organised Marketing; and Stability in the Prices of main crops and products.

Workers should have a Minimum Wage; Unemployment Insurance; Easier Access to Holdings; and Better and Untied Cottages. A Labour Government would work with representatives of all the interests concerned to gain these objects.

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