Saturday 21 January 2012

Monmouth By-Election May 1991

Famous Monmouth (Wales) Parliamentary By-Election 16th May 1991

Labour's Huw Edwards won this rural seat for Labour with a 12.6 % swing from the Conservatives.

This by-election was not won by Peter Mandelson, as he later claimed but by the hard work of the candidate Huw Edwards, the local party (and many isolated rural supporters) on primarily the issue of the Conservative Gov
ernments threats to privatise the NHS.

Huw Edwards personal support for PR was also important in winning over key voters
(LibDem voting Edwards posters). The election also saw Labour posters in many villages out numbering Tory posters in places such as Usk and Tintern Abbey.

Barbara Castle spoke at an election meeting in Usk.

Victory rally held in Abergavenny Labour Club on the night and later at the Star Inn, Llansoy.

Party Candidate Votes % ±%

Labour Huw Edwards 17,733 39.3 +11.6

Conservative Roger Evans 15,327 34.0 −13.5

Liberal Democrat Frances David 11,164 24.8 +0.8