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Suffolk Co-operative & Labour Fete 1957

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Suffolk Co-Operative & Labour Fete 1957

Christchurch Park Saturday 6th July 1957

Fete Officials

Chairman: Mr C. W Thurlow
Vice Chairman: Mr E.H Priestley
Organising Secretary: Mr C. Topple
Joint Secretaries: Councillor R. Lewis and Mr F. Woodbridge

Hugh Gaitskell MP - Labour Party Leader
Harold Campbell - Asst National sec Co-operative Party
Richard (Dick) Stokes MP - Ipswich

Co-Operative Central Junior Choir Conductor Mr G Wightman
Co-Operative Pensioners Choir Conducted Mr F.G. Baker
Ipswich C0-Operative Girls' Choir conductor Miss Valda Plucknett
Co-Operative Women's Choir conductors Mr F. G Baker and Mr G. Wightman
Welwyn Garden City Male Voice Choir Ivor Davies

George Clary Suffolk Comedian
Benny Lyon Comedian
The Eric smith Trio
Bernard Kemp Ventriloquist
Glyn Jones BBC producer
Police trained Alsatians (Charles Fricker's)
AA Sports
ABA Boxing

Electrician Trade union
Joint Sec : B. R Foulger 558 Bramford Lane, Ipswich
L Chittock 52 Fletcher Road, Ipswich

Shop Workers Union - USDAW
Mr M Stiff Secretary 83 Campbell Road, Ipswich
Mr R. G. Simms Area Organiser 1/3 Dog's Head Street, Ipswich

National Union of Tailors & Garment Workers
President W Harsent
Secretary Mr J. Ferns 13 Pembroke Close Ipswich

Clerical & Administrative Workers Union
Mr D Fuller 27 Daffodil Close Ipswich
Transport & General workers Union (TGWU) 60 Grimwade Street, Ipswich

Ipswich Trades Council & Labour Party: secretary F.E. Woodbridge
Ipswich Labour Club and Institute 33 Silent Street, Ipswich

Ipswich Co-operative Society limited 38 Carr Street, Ipswich



The annual Suffolk Co-operative & Labour Fete had been established as early as 1934 - usually held in early July

In The 1950's Nye Bevan was a speaker