Monday 7 February 2011

Lords Chaos on AV Bill - 40% Threshold Carried

Govt defeat on AV Bill

Govt defeat on AV Bill
The Government has suffered a defeat on the issue of a threshold for the AV referendum. Tory and Labour peers - plus one bishop - joined forces to win by one vote an amendment calling for a 40% threshold for any vote.

Labour’s Lord Falconer earlier confirmed that the House of Lords may face a new period of deadlock on the AV Bill. As the Bill started its report stage, he said: “We have negotiated at all times in good faith. The Government indicated a basis for agreement on the main issues to which the crossbenchers have responded with our support in accordance with the Government's amendments. Crossbenchers have discussed amendments with the Government in accordance with what they believed the Government was indicating, but no agreement has been reached.”

The Bill must return to the House of Commons by Monday in order for the planned AV referendum to go ahead in May.
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