Friday 4 February 2011

Labour Storm the Poll in Gloucestershire - From 4th to 1st

Labour have for the second time in a month surged from the bottom of the poll to take a key county council seat from the Tories.

Brian Oosthuysen won the Rodborough division on Gloucestershire County Council for Labour with a surge in Labour's share of the vote close to 20%.

In 2009 the Lib Dem's came within a handful of votes of wining this seat and had high hopes of taking it at Thursday's (3 January 2011) by election.

Growing anger at the Tories/Lib Dems plans to sell off of the Forest of Dean and local council cuts played an important role in Labour's victory. Equally important was Labour's determined local campaign to overcome the daunting task of moving from a fourth place to clinch victory. An objective it duly delivered upon.

This result should act as a rallying call to Labour activist and supporters in rural areas to get out and fight in as many seats as they can in the May Council elections. Where we cannot stand, we need to back progressive candidates or independents committed to opposing cuts.

Make the candidates of the Government of Millionaires fight for every vote, lets fight them in the hedgerows, lets engage with the enemy at every opportunity and defeat them in there lair's !.

Well done Labour in Gloucestershire.

Result 2011

Labour: 793
Conservatives: 790
Libdem: 660
Greens: 260

Result 2009

Nigel Cooper (CON) 35.3%
Christine Headley (LD) 31.3%
Phil Blomberg (GRN) 21.1%
Brian Oosthuysen (LAB) 12.2%

Labour came from fifth in Camborne to take the Cornwall County Council Seat