Thursday 6 January 2011

Oldham - Lib Dem (7%) MP Scuffle with Students

Lib Dem MP who opposed Fees then voted for them in scuffle

Gordon Birtwistle (pic: Andy Stenning)

A LIB Dem supporter spotted scuffling with a student demonstrator is a sitting MP for the party who signed a pledge not to increase fees.

One term MP Gordon Birtwistle was walking on a by-election trail with party leader Nick Clegg when Jennifer Leah, 20, approached them with a home-made paper banner.

It read: “This sign would be better if I didn’t have to pay £9,000 in fees.”

The Burnley MP wrenched the sign from her in Shaw, near Oldham, before she was pulled away by others.

Birtwistle like most Lib Dem MP's had opposeda student fees rise before the election, then voted in favour.

The Lib Dems are now at 7% according to tonights YouGov poll

YouGov 6th Jan CON 39%, LAB 43%, LD 7%;