Friday 14 January 2011

Labour's Great Cornish By Election Victory

First Labour and Coop Councillor at Cornwall Council

January 14, 2011

by Jude Robinson
Labour Councillor - Cornwall

It feels terrific to have been elected as the first Labour Councillor on Cornwall’s still new Unitary Council and as the first Co-operative Party Councillor.

The election results were

Mike Champion MK 32

Paul Holmes Liberal 61

Jacqui Merrick Green 31

Anna Pascoe Lib Dem 152

Denise Pascoe Conservative 203

Jude Robinson Labour & Co-op 230

I managed to get four hours sleep but am now sitting in my home – yesterday’s campaign centre – surrounded by soggy leaflets, canvass sheets and coats thinking about all the work ahead and still excited by it all. Strange people, politicians – and I suppose I am officially one now as an elected member.

The Unitary elections were a real low for Labour in Cornwall. In this seat in May 2009, we got 11% of the vote and came fifth. This time, we won with 32% share of the vote.

There has been a huge amount of good will coming my way, from people in all parties and I am very touched by that. My parties, Labour and Co-op, have been fantastic and to have had such support from members and friends all over the country has been both amazing and daunting. It is a lot to live up to and after finally finding the time to get my very unruly hair cut today, I have a lot of work to do.

I owe a huge thank you to all those people who helped: local members and those from other constituencies in Cornwall, the team from Plymouth, friends from Bristol, Devon, Linda and Benny Gilroy and all the supporters in Camborne, who voted for me and Labour even though they were showered with Lib Dem leaflets telling them it was pointless.

More people in Cornwall should go with their hearts and vote Labour. It would surprise everyone to realise just how much support there is here from people who have been persuaded that they have to vote Lib Dem to ‘keep the Tories out’.

Well Cornish lads are fishermen
And Cornish lads are miners too
But when the fish and tin are gone
what are the Cornish boys to do?

In 1998 Crofty tin mine (Camborne) closed, despite a massive campaign by the 200 tin miners and their union the Transport & General Workers Union(now Unite),

The defiant words painted on the walls of the Crofty tin mine (Camborne) read

"Cornish lads are fishermen and Cornish lads are miners too but now the fish and tin are gone what are Cornish boys to do?"

To which Camborne in 2011 has answered by voting Labour

Country Standard Note:

Lib Dem Leaflet put out during the Camborne By election Jan 2011