Monday 8 November 2010

Tax Payers Alliance Silent on Tory Vanity Staff, Ministerial Cars and Expenses

Unsurprisingly, the right wing Thatcherite Tax Payers Alliance have remained silent, yet again about Tory politicians ripping of tax payers and appointing their friends on to the pay roll.

The Prime Minister David Cameron has appointed a team of 26 staff, many of them close friends, in order to help improve his demonising reputation.

Dubbed the "Vanity staff" by the Press, Eton educated multi millionaire Cameron has not only hired his own personal photographer Andrew Parsons but a former fashion commentator, for his wife millionaires Samantha Cameron, all at the tax payers expense.

Meanwhile, according to the press, bully boy and Tory local government Minister Eric Pickles has awarded himself a new £70,000 special adapted ministerial Jaguar car, also at the tax payers expense.
All this while the Tories and Lib Dem's make a million public sector and half workers private sector workers redundant.

According to health care union UNISON, the sum allocated for Cameron's own "Vanity staff" could provide for fifty NHS nurses in your local hospital.

Remember - "Were all in this Together"