Monday 13 September 2010

Tories Cutting Rural Council Services By 25%


The first wave of Conservative controlled councils in rural areas, cuts programmes are already running on average at 25% or 1 in 4 of the staff.

The impact services provided to rural communities will be immense and fall unfairly on the poor , elderly and geographically isolated.

In response to this devastation, the right wing leader of Somerset County Council Ken Maddock, has an answer ?, he states if local communities think a service is important, they can always provide it themselves as part of "Big society" and on a voluntary (free) basis.

Country Standard simply asks Mr Maddock's two question
"How many bums do you wipe Mr Maddock's ?", "How much voluntary work do you do ?". Lets see how many people at the church flower arranging classes, agree to look after the elderly mentally ill".

Somerset County Council 1,500 (Conservative Control)

Cornwall Council County Council 2,000 (Conservative/Ind Control)

Surrey County Council 1,000 (Conservative Control)

Lincolnshire County Council 1,000 (Conservative Control)

Nottinghamshire County Council 3,000 (Conservative Control)

Shropshire County Council 1,340 (Conservative Control)

Lancashire County Council 1,000 (Conservative Council