Thursday 22 July 2010

Tories Scrap the Agricultural Wages Board


Tory Environment Secretary, Caroline Spelman announced today (22 July 2010) that the CONDEM Governments intention to scrap the Agricultural Wages Board, which sets wages for farm workers across Britain.

The Agricultural Wages Board, the 15 Agricultural Wages Committees and the 16 Agricultural Dwelling House Advisory Committees were established by the 1948 Agricultural Wages Act.

Mike Walker of radical rural journal Country Standard


"This is an attempt to drive down the wages of ALL rural workers, who already earn on average £5,000 a year less than workers in British towns and Cities"

"Of course the right wing Countryside Alliance will once again back the farmers and not the workers, illustrating once again they stand on the side of privilege and the squire not the rural worker"

"This will plunge thousands of rural workers into poverty"

Mike Walker
Country Standard Journal


Well done to Tony Bavington who won a Suffolk council seat from the Tories

Great Cornard North Ward, Babergh District Council (Suffolk).

Labour gain from Con. Lab 340 (45.1%, +3.2), Con 201 (26.7%, -31.4), LD 141 (18.7%, +18.7), UKIP 72 (9.5%, +9.5).

Swing of 17.3% from Con to Lab since 2007.

Note Tories down 31%

also good result for Catherine Arakelian, Kidlington, Oxfordshire and Chris McKeown, Warwickshire

This on the day the Tories axed the Agricultural Wages Board