Saturday 29 May 2010

Tolpuddle 2010 - Radical History School

2010 Tolpuddle Martyrs' Festival

16-18 July 2010

This year's Tolpuddle Festival will be a diverse mix of music, politics and entertainment for all the family. Tolpuddle favourites, Billy Bragg and Tony Benn will join a lively range of musicians, performers and speakers from unions and politics.

Tolpuddle Radical History School 2010

A limited number of spaces will be available for people who wish to arrive a day early and join a series of discussions on radical history. The programme will start on Thursday 15th July at 2pm and include:

  • walking trails around Tolpuddle
  • Bonnie Sartin of the Yetties will talk about the agricultural labourer in the nineteeth century
  • evening barbeque
  • sessions on Captain Swing
  • local smugglers
  • how to research with Steve Poole from University of the West of England
  • slavery and the country house (tbc)
  • A pub crawl through history: Mike Pentalow talks about his new book
  • history of agricultural unions
  • trip to Old Crown Court and Cells.
  • Sessions from the Bristol Radical History Group

Advanced booking is required