Wednesday 22 July 2009

Landworker 1919-2009

Estb 1919

Landworker editor Amanda Campbell (right)
and three former editor's Mike Pentelow, Chris Kaufman and Francis Beckett of the famous agricultural workers union Magazine "Landworker" at the 90th anniversary meeting of Landworker at Tolpuddle 2009.

The Journal was established originally in 1915 as the "The Labourer" the union Journal of the National Agricultural Labourers' & Rural Workers' Union (later National Union of Agricultural Workers).

In 1919 the union's journal title was changed to Landworker and published monthly from the union's headquarters at Headland House, 72 Acton Street (near Kings Cross, London) later the union headquarters moved to 308 Grays Inn Road.

The Union's name changed in 1923 to the National Union of Agricultural Workers

The Journal has proved to be a vital link between scattered rural communities, offering often the only "progressive" challenge to the establishment in rural areas.

Today, Landworker still offers a unique insight into the plight of rural workers, migrant workers and rural communities including issues such as the closures of rural Community Hospitals, Post Offices and Pubs