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Joan Jordan - Country Standard

Joan Jordan

Joan Jordan was editor of the "woman to woman" page of the Country Standard the Communist Parties rural journal from 1966, taking over from Mary Hammett (probably a pseudonym ???).

she worked as a children's supervisor in an infant school in Cambridge. She was secretary of Cambridge and District Trades Union Council and Appointments officer to the Eastern Federation of Trades Councils.

Married to Ivor Jordan a full time officer of the Amalgamated Society of Woodworkers Union and Chairman of Cambridge Communist Party in the 1950's.

In 1966 Joan was aged 38 and had two children, a girl and 9 year old boy.

Joan was born in London but was evacuated in 1943. She joined the Land Army in 1949 and worked on the land until it was disbanded. She has lived in East Anglia ever since

She considers herself East Anglian as "after all my father was an Ipswich man, so I have East Anglia in my blood".

Source Country Standard Autumn 1966

At this point Jack Dunman was editor of Country Standard
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