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Clarion Club house (London)


The Clarion Cycling Club was established in 1895 by readers of the socialist weekly newspaper the Clarion.

Romford Clarion's were obviously very well organised and used the opportunity of the 1911 coronation to organise a Clarion Cycling Camp (June 22, 1911).

So successful was the Camp that in order to "escape the renewed searching for sites, the Sabbatarian rules and regulations of the English Sunday, and the smoke and turmoil of the Metropolis", the London Clarion Cycling section decided at a meeting on September 15th, 1912, to secure a Clarion Club House of their own.

The London Clarion Cycling Club entered into possession of the London Clarion Club House at Broadley Common, near Nazeing, Essex at Whitsun, 1913, and very soon established itself as the rallying point for the cyclists and the London Clarion Fellowship.

The London Clarion Club House is in the hamlet of Broadley Common, near Nazeing, Essex was about 17 miles from the G.P.O. and was said to be situated amongst picturesque rural surroundings, and near to the famous Epping Forest, the open moorland of Nazeing Common, and the historical neighbourhood of Rye House, Waltham Abbey, Waltham Cross, Ware and Hertford.

In 1914 the Clarion hadbook stated "Extensive developments on the estate are contemplated, and all interested Clarionettes and Socialists can assist by taking up 2s. 6d. shares in the Society. General Secretary : Jack Hinton, 5, Vine Street, Romford."

The Romford Clarion Club House closed at the end of 1920. The building still exists, although much altered, as a private residence.

The Romford Clarion Cycling club emerged as the the 1930's

Dagenham & Romford Clarion Cycling Club 1937

Chairman: Alfred S Haddock

Secretary: C. Ayrton 13 Treswell Road, Dagenham

Asst Secretary: L. Lovelock 126 Flamstead Road, Dagenham

Racing Secretary: E. Penegelley 34 Woodstock Avenue Harold Park, Romford

Details of the Club House are to be found in the National Clarion Club Year Book for 1914 and 1937 Clarion Handbook

Denis Pye book on the Clarion Cycling Club, Fellowship is Life


The Clarion Socialist Youth Hostel was established in Hoddesdon, Hertfordshire from the early 1933 by the London Labour League of Youth and was used by the Labour Party until at least the 1950's.

The hostel was set in ten acres of grounds, with two pavilions, tennis courts, sports facilities for lecturers, classes and even a library,

In 1934 over thirteen thousand Labour League of Youth members (The League had over five hundred branches) camped at Hoddesdon.

Grace Oakden states

"We had a great deal of fun in those days as as serious politicking"

"Labour of Youth branches from all over London used to go there at weekends, camping. There was a big house there we used to have a wonderful times at weekends there. discussions at night, quite a big social programme, dances, a wonderful way of meeting people from London"

A picture is available ( of the Clarion Youth Hostel van starts for Hoddesdon (Herbert Morrison on right), 1934. Herbert Morrison, (1888–1965) was a British Labour Party politician and Cabinet minister. Morrison held various cabinet posts, including Foreign Secretary, Deputy Prime Minister and Home Secretary.