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Bert Hazell - President

Bert “Bertie” Hazell was Born 18th April, 1907, in Attleborough, Norfolk.

He attended various elementary schools in Norfolk.
Bert began his working life as a bird scarer, being promoted to farmworker aged 14. By the time he was 16 he was in charge of six working horses

Bert Hazell j
oined National Union of Agricultural Workers (N.U.A.W). in 1923 and the South Norfolk Constituency Labour Party in 1927.

undertook evening classes an emerged as a full time Labour Party election agent at the age of just 26

He was initially secretary and then paid organiser of North East Norfolk Constituency Labour Party from 1933 to 1937.

Labour agent to N. R. Tillett, Parliamentary candidate in East Norfolk in the 1935 General Election.

Bert Hazell Joined staff of National Union of Agricultural Workers as an organiser in May, 1937, working in Hertfordshire, Lea Valley and then Yorkshire During the War, in addition to work as district organiser of the N.U.A.W. for Yorkshire, Bert was a member of the West Riding of Yorkshire Agricultural Executive Committee, and North –Eastern Electricity Consultative committee.

Awarded the M.B.E. in January, 1946.
Chairman Yorkshire Regional Labour Party 1945 and 1955 a member of the Leeds Regional Hospital Board, and for many years has been chairman of its Works and Buildings Committee. In 1947 appointed by Sir Stafford Cripps, Chancellor of the Exchequer, to the East and West Ridings Regional Board for Industry. Appointed, in 1954, chairman of the Board. Created C.B.E. in January, 1962. Magistrate, in the City of York 1952. Served on the Central Agricultural Wages Board and three County Agricultural Wages Committees; also a member of local Employment Committee,

Bert Hazell Contested Barkston Ash, West Riding in 1945 (failed by 116 votes) and again in 1950

Labour Member of Parliament for North Norfolk from 1964-1970

Elected President of the National Union of Agricultural Workers NUAW in 1966 with Joan Maynard as his left wing Deputy President

Bert's Hobbies included gardening and a keen interest in York City Football Club

Bert Hazell was
Married, with one daughter.

Quoted in Country Standard Autumn 1966, the journal noted that "It can be said he devoted his whole life and many talents to the Union. He has occupied many positions of public importance, but has never sought jobs for their own sake." Bert told the press after his election :"There is no doubt that the Unions were born in the poverty of industry yet have raised the standards of the workers and lifted them into a sphere never previously thought possible. This development must go on: and with greater worker representation on the management side of business".

and asked about his definition of Socialism Bert Hazell (Who Country Standard refered to as "distinctly to the right in politics" replied:
"I believe that the ultimate creation of a Socialist state, achieved by Democratic means, to be the only true basis upon which mankind can fully share the fruits of man's labour and lead the full life I believe Creation intended. "Through Democratic Socialism at home and abroad, we can achieve a unity of purpose that could lead to World Peace, remove the poverty that exists over half the world' surface, take the prejudice out of the colour of one's skin (which is really an accident of birth), remove the cause of avarice and greed and really create the atmosphere on which all men regard each other a Brothers. "This may sound high falutin nonsense, but it must be our aim if we have real purpose in life."