Friday 1 June 2007

La Terre (France)

The Country Standard's sister paper in France, was the highly influential and successful La Terre.

La Terre (The Earth) was established in January 1937 by "Waldeck" Emile Rochet (5 April 1905-15 Feb 1983) a former boy cow herder from Sainte-Croix in Saone-et-Loire.

The weekly paper provided not only political opinions, but also technical advice to peasants and farmers on issues such as prices, cattle rearing, seeds and fertilisers.
After World War Two, La Terre was achieving a readership of 200,000 and by 1946 300,000 of which 160,000 were regular subscribers.

La Terre becoming the most widely read agricultural weekly in France.

La Terre soon established a significant following in Central and South East France (Avergne, Limousin, Aquitaine, Midi-Pyrenees and Provence. (ironic that Communism was so rife in rural Provence, an area now overrun by a British invasion))

Even in the 1980's the paper was printing 200,000 copies a week

A popular La Terre slogan was "Happiness for the workers of the field"

Rochet became a French Assembly member from 1936-1940, was imprisoned in North Africa at the outbreak of the War . Later joined the Free French Army and was the French Communist Parties representative in London during the war. After the war he was Assembly's agriculture commission. He went onto be the Communist Party General Secretary 1964-1973

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Men and Women of farms ! for a rich life - Vote Communist