Saturday 24 March 2007

Walter Smith - Norfolk

Walter Robert Smith

Born Norwich in 1872

He was a printers boy at the age of 12, and thereafter an apprentice to the "clicking" in a boot factory

Smith served from 1916-1924 as national organiser in the Boot & Shoe Operative Union which

also held office in the National Federation of Women Workers (Branch Hon Secretary) and Typographical union

President of Norwich Trades Council

President of the National Agricultural Labourers & Rural Workers Union 1911-1923, formally Eastern Counties Agricultural & Small holders Union established, North Walsham, July 1906

Elected as a "Socialist & trade unionist" candidate to Norwich City Council` in 1906

Election agent to Mr G.H. Roberts (Norwich) "So long as Mr Roberts was a Labour man, Mr smith put him in;at the last election he put him out"

Labour Member of Parliament for Wellingborough from 1918 to 1922
and Norwich for 1923 and 1929-1931

Labour Spokesman on Agricultural affairs

Chair Labour Party 1933-1934

President of the International Land Workers Union from 1920

died 1942